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Dom Bacchus Champagne Events

Dom Bacchus vineyards participates in the independent vine-growers’ picnic which takes place every year during Pentecost weekend. It is a friendly celebration during which vine-yard owners, together with their families, gather to share a meal and enjoy their favourite champagne.

Every year, on the third weekend of November, this vineyard opens its doors to the public so that they can taste new wines and champagnes, a visit to the site, and then a snack.

The Dom Bacchus champagne can also organise tasting sessions in your area (recreation halls or private facilities): Contact Us.

Le musée du Champagne en miniature, à Reuil dans la vallée de la Marne
Vignoble dans la vallée de la Marne

Throughout the year, you can stroll through La Vallée de la Marne, visit la Reuil, enjoy touristic tours, and taste our variety of vintages. You can also visit our exceptional collections of figurines which reproduce a typical village, vineyard, and various ancestral traditions associated with vineyard-keeping and champagne production.

Explore images of our Champagne en Miniature museum.

Accessibility to Motor Homes

Our vineyard is accessible to motor homes. Dedicated parking is provided at no cost. You can use a motor-home to visit our region and taste our vintages.

Pique-nique au domaine Dom Bacchus

The Touristic Heritage

In the Vicinity of the Dom Bacchus Vineyar

The vineyard is ideally-situated in La Vallée de la Marne and constitutes part of the Montagne de Reims Nature Park whose champagne landscapes have been classified as UNESCO world heritage sites.

Champagne Tourist Route

The famous Champagne Tourist Route is located a few kilometres from the village of Reuil. It will take you through vineyards and coastal areas where you will see some of the most beautiful Champagne homes and picturesque villages. By appointment, you can also visit various wine cellars, and enjoy some wine and champagne tasting.

Statue of Pope Urban II

In Châtillon-sur-Marne, you can view the large statue of Pope Urban II which, for 130 years, has dominated La Vallée de la Marne. 

Statue du Pape Urbain II, Châtillon-sur-Marne

Hautvillers, the Birth of Champagne

Come discover the community of Hautvillers which, nestled among vineyards and forests, overlooks La Marne and offers several lookouts over the valley, the surrounding villages, and the Champagne vineyard. It is said that this village is where champagne was born when Dom Pérignon arrived to live as a monk in the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Hilaire. Today, Dom Pérignon is one of the most well-known vintages enjoyed throughout the world.

Reims and its Exceptional Heritage

On the other side of the Reims mountain is located La Cité des Sacres which is composed of many UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Reims cathedral, museum and abbey, as well as the Tau Palace. There are also vestiges of antiquity including the cryptoportico of La Place du Forum and the Porte de Mars. You can also visit the Champagne homes of the Reims people along with approximately 120 kilometres of wine cellars dug into the chalk sub-soil as well as many exceptional gastronomic delights.

Epernay, the Champagne Capital

Epernay is located in the magnificent Champagne wine-producing region and 30,000 hectares of vines. It is the home of many large wine-production facilities and a wine market. The majestic “Avenue de Champagne” services some of the most prestigious Champagne homes whose basements literally hold millions of bottles of this precious nectar.

Culinary Specialties

Champagne is overflowing with many specialities that will delight your taste-buds, including many gourmet menus which feature these exceptional products.
In close proximity to the Dom Bacchus vineyard, you can enjoy Reims ham, the famous Fossier biscuits, spicy breads, and many other culinary delights.

You can find these specialities in many nearby restaurants including:

Restaurants in proximity of Domaine Bacchus

Au Bateau Lavoir (Damery)
Le moulin carré www.lemoulincarre.com
Le Caveau (Cumières) www.restaurant-le-caveau-com
La Porte Oubliée (Chatillon sur Marne) 

Restaurants in Epernay

Le Théâtre www.epernay-rest-letheatre.com
Les Berceaux www.lesberceaux.com
La Cave à Champagne www.la-cave-a-champagne.com
Bistrot le 7 www.lesberceaux.com
Campanile www.campanile.fr
La Table Kobus www.latablekobus.com
La Grillade Gourmande